Gunsmithing Services

Welcome to TonyBen, LLC!

I am an M14 hobbyist turned gunsmith. I began my M14 journey by studying  and reading as much as I could about the M14 and M1A rifle. It captivated me and I soon began collecting parts for my first M14 build. I noticed right away that there was not much out there regarding M14 information, so I began making M14 "How To" documents.

Those documents soon turned into M14 "How To" videos. I eventually became the only person to have an exhaustive M14 "How To" video library on YouTube. Those videos now include product reviews and a couple of live fire videos.

In 2016, I obtained my FFL license and am now able to perform work on other people's rifles as a business.

About Us

TonyBen, LLC


I perform basic M14/M1A maintenance, parts replacement, kit assembly, troubleshooting and accuracy modifications.

Here's a list of what I can do:

  • Basic rifle kit assembly
  • Barrel installation which includes setting headspace
  • Overall rifle inspection
  • Function/reliability testing
  • Glass bedding into GI wood stocks
  • Glass bedding into McMillan fiberglass stocks
  • Blackfeather chassis installation
  • SAGE EBR chassis installation
  • JAE chassis installation
  • NM conditioning
  • Problem diagonsis
  • Scope installation